By Dave McKean

Monday, October 7, 2019

Home Buying
Buying a home is a big undertaking, so many first-time home buyers are understandably nervous about the prospect. That's where we come in: An experienced, capable guide who will put you the buyer at ease and ensure that you feel supported throughout the whole process. Here are four things we do for your first-time buyers to make sure that they end up happily settled into the home of their dreams — and ready to refer their friends and family!

  1. Let's talk about money. First-time buyers may not realize that the home price and the down payment aren't the only things they need to be looking at! We walk them through reviewing their own finances, help them understand what their mvoing expenses might look like, work on a timeline if they are renting, and make sure they know about all the additional costs associated with both buying and living in a home of their own.
  2. Make sure buyer's have a great mortgage lender. Depending on the buyer's financial circumstances, they may be suited for different loan types. Working with a mortgage lender who can explain all their options, will give buyers all the facts they need to consider the benefits and disadvantages of each.  We let the mortgage professional know that this is your first home, so that the lender can help the buyers choose the best loan for their needs.
  3. Help buyers think long-term. They may have ideas about what kind of house they want right now, but what about in five years, or ten? Remember to think about how their lives may change in the next few years, as well as what improvements they may make to the home and how that will affect its value.
  4. Be honest and manage expectations. It's important for buyers to know what they want in a home, but it's equally important that they identify where they can be flexible. They will likely have to compromise on a few things, so make sure they're prepared for that and know where to make room for that compromise.

First-time home buyers often don't know what to expect, but we know this industry inside and out. By bringing our expertise to the table, we can be the key to a great home buying experience. We make their first home purchase a breeze!
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