By Dave McKean

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Mind Your Mom!
My Mom used to tell me, seemingly repeatedly, to do this and do that, not to do this and not to do that. ALL, I recall very valuable advice. Looking back on it all these many years later, I can say she was and still is, a very wise woman. Time reveals, in fact, just about every caring Mother is a Wise Woman. I can see why we carve out a special day each year to acknowledge Moms. So here is a shout out to all Mom’s – Happy Mother’s Day!!
Author Jim Rohn has said that we are the average of the 5 people that we spend the most time with.  Let’s carry that further with the idea that you are the average of not just the 5 people but of the 5 sources that you learn from.  This is principle number one that I’d like you to connect with.  Make a list of the 5 places or sources where you spend the most time and you will find that your thinking will not have the ability to go beyond those things.  For most people in America, the list is pretty easy to compile… Television, Social Media, Movies, Internet Games, Magazines. Why do we settle on being average when God wants more from our lives? 
When I made the decision to start learning to be the person that I desired to become, I developed a new desire for reading and surrounding myself with the people that could help me achieve what I wanted in life.  One of the first books I read was, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which primed my mind to start thinking differently.  What are you doing to make yourself better today then you were yesterday?
We offer guarantees and assurances to our clients.  We call this Our Risk Removal System.  Like our Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold at a Price Agreeable to You or We’ll Buy It*. And our VIP Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee:  If You Are Not Happy With Your Home, We Will Buy It Back!*.  In my experience, these guarantees elevate our service and our clients’ experience. 
We want to remind you again that those you refer, your friends and family, that are needing to buy or sell a home when you refer them to The McKean Team your referrals support children in need.  A portion of our commission goes toward the Bangalore Children’s Home.  This ministry supports abandoned and needy children’s by giving them a safe place to live, 3 meals a day, clothing and access to education.  We are proud to support the work they do and hope to continue to support them in 2019 with your help.
Finally, we want you to always know that you may call us for any reason.  We truly appreciate your friendship and referrals.
Dave McKean
Classic Real Estate Inc
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